Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Over Yourself

Sometimes a person has to have a talk with one's self. Like me yesterday when I didn't want to work, I wanted to play. I wanted another Sunday instead of a workday Monday.

I had a talk with myself. I promised that after I finished my proposal I could play. It worked. Once I dove into the layout of the new space I'm designing, work mode kicked back in. I finished the proposal, and submitted it. Then I printed a photograph for a model room for a hotel in Orange County, CA. Then I varnished (four coats!) a digital painting I printed on Sunday.

I also had a opportunity to be humble. My client called looking for some prints that they had ordered a couple weeks ago. I printed them promptly, then totally forgot I had stacked them in my back studio behind closed doors. I swore that they had been delivered. Ooops! I was wrong. I'll be delivering this morning (humbly).

And it looks as though I have a new resin project coming up. This one requires sculpture of some sort. Another one of those undertakings that I will make up as I go along. I love that!

Inspiration for the Day: putting work first

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