Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fun With Frames

To most painters the word "frame" refers to mounting and wood moulding that holds a work of art. It means that to me, too, but as a digital photographer I'm also referring to artistic borders applied to a photograph. Something to set it apart as "art" as opposed to "snapshot".

It's a beautiful day, one that encourages time outdoors. The weather says "Spring" but the calendar says "don't be fooled". My flower beds are in dire need of attention, but this 70 degree day will surely be followed by more days in the thirties. It's not safe to plant yet.

I've got lots of creative work to do this weekend. I will be putting a new proposal together for my client at Texas Clinic. Also have a lot of design work for a new hotel project that includes lots of 3d pieces. Good challenge.

Then I might just spend some time on a lounge chair in the sun...

Inspiration of the Day: 72 degrees

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