Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goal Setting

I've decided to take myself less seriously this year. During the past few years I've gotten a little too caught up in meeting deadlines. I feel as though I missed some important things while doing my best to be responsible. I can't say that I will abandon that attitude completely, but hey, it's only art after all.

Yea, I say that on a weekend that I've spent printing images for one project, and completing three paintings for a different one! Still, I went to the gym this morning and have gone to the movies twice. So I'd say that's a good balance.

Next weekend I'll be in New Orleans, and I've been researching on the internet things to see and do. I don't think we'll even need a car since the hotel is right by Jackson Square. My feet can take me around lots of interesting places from there. I would like to see the plantations, though, I'll just have to see how it all works out. This is primarily a photo shoot weekend, so it's all about timing the light.

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Anonymous said...

Make a pass by the Gumbo House. (all things come to he who orders gumbo).

Without a car the plantations are going to be difficult.

If you can find one pick up a copy of KANE, HARNETT T., Plantation Parade: The Grand Manner in Louisiana.

This will help in understanding what you see and will give you more insight into what you're photographing.