Friday, January 11, 2008


Okay, I'm a wuss. When I went to my welding class on Tuesday night I sat on a metal chair. Since the work area is outside (duh) it was like sitting on a block of ice. It was cold, and I was ill prepared. I'm rescheduling the class to March, when days are longer and it's a little warmer. Jeez - it's not like I HAVE to learn welding in the dead of winter! Interestingly enough the instructor is someone I knew already. He made the brackets for a cast resin installation piece that I did a few years ago. He works with one of my clients.

And I may have someone onboard to redo my websites for me so I won't have to learn Dreamweaver or anything else. Sure hope so.

Final submittals have been made for the Ritz-Carlton project. There are only four pieces of art in each room. I don't even know how many rooms there are. It's not that this is a big money-making job, but hey, its another RITZ! They will commission originals for model room, then prints will be made from those.

I'm painting today, in the middle of a three painting commission for a hotel in Charlotte. This piece is completely geometric. Geometry was the one class in high school that was beyond me. I must have developed that part of my brain since then, because I laid the whole thing out manually, and it worked. So that's something.

I'm also printing. Another purchase order arrived in my inbox yesterday for a project I didn't even know about. All photography, couple hundred pieces altogether, for a hotel in city near me.

Looking forward to next weekend in New Orleans.


Mary Richmond said...

Just when I think you're the busiest, most productive person I've heard of you take on even more! Jeesh!

Walker said...

aw c'mon -- I'm as lazy as the next person, I just don't talk about it!