Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Taking a Break

After finishing the paintings for lululemon I quickly packed my camera gear, blue jeans and warm sweaters and headed off for the West coast. My photo friend Nancy and I spent two days in Yosemite before arriving here in Berkeley where we are housesitting two precious poodle puppies. Yesterday was a down day, we took the day off from frantically photographing every thing in sight and cleaned our equipment, went to the grocery store and had a nice home cooked dinner.

Yosemite was a bit of a disappointment. We arrived in the park at daybreak, hoping for the pink morning light. It took awhile to realize that the sky was grey, and unfortunately it stayed that way all day. With flat light the magnitude of the granite cliffs was lost. Of course that didn't stop us, and we drove every road in the park. Since they've had no snow all the roads that would usually be closed this time of year were open, so we were lucky in that respect.

Besides the overcast skies, we were also surprised and disappointed to discover that there's no water in the park right now. Yosemite Falls showed as a bit of ice at the crest, and that's it. None of the other falls had any significant water, and even the Merced river had only a trickle. Mirror Lake was a sandbed.

So now we're in Berkeley, trying to decide if it would be better to drive to the coast and photograph there or leave the cameras behind and Christmas shop in Union Square. Tough decision!

My Texas Clinic installation that I've been waiting for all these months is now scheduled for the day after I return to Dallas. Very short notice, which makes me nervous -- but I've got a good crew and I'm sure it will turn out great. I'll be glad to get all that artwork out of my house and on the walls.

I've heard from my client in Dallas, and already have work waiting for me there, so I'm going to enjoy this downtime as much as possible.

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MMComstock said...

I promise, Robin, that the coast will still provide a fully wet ocean for you. No drying up of streams and waterfalls there. ; )

Have fun!