Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lazy Girls

Usually when my friend Nancy and I travel with our cameras we keep going til we drop. It's a little different this time since we are petsitting two young poodle puppies which require a lot of attention. We can't be gone very long at one time. Which has suited us quite well, since we're both worn out. She's still recovering from that broken ankle, and I'm recovering from painting dawn to dusk for months in a row. We're being lazy girls.

Last night we went to an opening at MMGalleries in downtown San Francisco. There were several members of the International Encaustic Association (of which I am a member), so it was nice to meet up with them.

Late evening today we dragged ourselves up to Lawrence Hall on the Berkeley campus for great night shots of the San Francisco skyline. We are tired of taking the same "expected" shots, so I'm posting my favorite of the night shoot.

Tomorrow we're getting up at 4:00 am, driving to Point Reyes, hopefully getting some daybreak beach shots and still be there for low tide and tide pools. And on the way back we'll stop at the redwoods and get a few shots there, too.

Margot, if you're reading this, can you meet us in the afternoon for coffee or something in San Rafael?

Inspiration of the Day: underwater sealife


Karen Jacobs said...

Hey! I'll do my best to be there too! At least give hugs all round, know you're having fun ;-)

CMC said...

Break, did you say break?....your breaks last all of about 30 minutes. Hope y'all are having a great time.

MMComstock said...

Ouch! Blogarithm didn't tell me of your blog until 5:05 p.m.! So, yes, I'm reading it, but at 5:15, in the middle of a martini--and a little late for San Rafael. Grr. If another chance arises, send email! or phone! ; )

Keep having fun, you two.

Anonymous said...

Lazy, my foot (er, As*). Who lazy does late night or 4 am?

Having fun as usual, I see. Keep it up! Do take it easy on Nancy's ankle, tho'.


Martha Marshall said...

Sounds like too much fun. Say hey to Nancy for me.

Walker said...

We are maniacs -- as anybody who knows us can attest! Margot - sorry to have missed you, I don't have your phone #.

As always, we bring our Paint-L friends with us when we travel. We always reminisce about other trips we've all shared.

Karen Jacobs said...

Hmm... I expected as much... they've been talking 'bout us! ;-) Rumor has it it's time to go to NYC again...