Thursday, November 22, 2007

Catching Up to the 70s

Acrylic on Canvas, 48w x 36h ea

Whew! I had a whirlwind trip to S. Texas to visit both my Dad and my dermatologist. I was glad to go, it's been six months since my last visit, and I was starting to feel guilty! My Dad and Sarah are both hanging in there, I'm happy to say.

When I came home on Monday I went straight to the studio and that's where I've stayed in order to finish the two seventies style paintings you see above. Just tonight got approval on them, so I've varnished them twice and my client will come pick them up later this evening. Her store (lululemon athletica) will open at 8:00 am - her first day! She's excited, and can't wait to see the paintings in person.

I might hit the stores in the early morning, then finish packing for my trip on Saturday. I've got my camera gear gathered up - that's the most important thing. I don't really care about the clothes. As long as I'm warm! I know it can get really cold in Yosemite - but I don't know if it can beat Dallas tonight as a cold front comes through and snow expected! Two days ago it was 84 degrees and I had the AC on. Typical Texas weather.

I took some time out today to count my blessings -- I have so many!

Inspiration for the Day: big red Christmas lights

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