Sunday, November 18, 2007

Across the Border

I'm down in South Texas, (Harlingen) visiting my Dad. Yesteday I crossed the border and visited my dermatologist for my semi-annual Botox treatment. My dad (sarcasticly) said I looked beautiful. I know it's a vain thing to do, but I hate those wrinkles between my eyes that make me look angry. Aging is inevitable and I don't mind that, but I don't like looking mad all the time.

The town that I visit is Nuevo Progreso, and it's set up to serve Americans. Almost every other storefront is a dentist or pharmacy. While waiting for my doctor's appointment I had a $12 pedicure. The shop was filled with older women (and men!) getting their feet scrubbed and detailed. I was surprised to see so many men.

It was Saturday and the crowds were thick. Americans and hawkers in a wild cacophany.

Inspiration for the Day: color and chaos


Anonymous said...

We lived in McAllen from 2003-2005 and the thing I miss the most is Progreso. ;)


Martha Marshall said...

Robin, I don't mind looking my age. I just want to look the best I can for my age.

I don't do botox -- just PhotoShop!


fleeboy said...

ah, the parent superpower of being able to say the most undercutting thing to our confidence. what would family life be like without it? if it makes you feel any better my mom once called me, "puffy." i still can't figure out how that could've been meant well...

Judy Vars said...

Hum it's a thought go over the border and get the chassis worked on, the crease between my eyebrows makes me look mad. But people are always asking me if I'm lost.
Happy Thanksgiving

Walker said...

Maybe it's vain to want to look as good as you can - but hey - it's that why we wear makeup? Botox in Mexico doesn't cost much more than that!