Friday, November 16, 2007

Trusting a Client

Most of my clients are people I've done business with for many years. And I've winnowed the list to people I like and also pay promptly without quibbling. It's a short list.

Occasionally I will get a new client from an internet contact. That's how I came to be painting two large funky paintings for a retail store in the Galleria. There's a short time line, it's a Canadian company, and we had to negotiate all the details, including the imagery, the size, the price, and the payment. It didn't take long to settle all those things, and the client told me that she'd get her head office to cut me a check for the deposit. One day later I received a check for the entire amount! Now I'm painting like mad for her. Nothing like a cash incentive.

The PTA meeting was last night, and I got to see the precious elementary school artists whose competition I judged. My neighbor is the school's photographer and she documents everything. So last night after the meeting she sent me the sweet photo (above) of me and her two ribbon-winning kiddos. The blue ribbon means that his entry moves up to the next level of competition. It was great fun, and gave me a nice warm feeling, too.

Also should mention that Lexjet has a Google alert set up for their company name. When I mentioned them, they read my post and contacted me to preview a new product they will soon be releasing which is an image transfer film. I said YES! I'll report my findings.

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