Friday, October 19, 2007

Third Stage of Sculpture

I had an assistant all day today. If not for that I wouldn't have accomplished near as much. As it is, the carving is complete and approved by the designer. I took it outside and varnished the front side and left in in the sun to dry. While I was doing that, Debbie cleaned my studio from top to bottom and side to side. That dust has static cling and I had to get rid of it before I could get back to painting.

I know the carving is too fragile to make a mold of as is, so after the varnish dried I brought it into my back studio, and put down a layer of resin on the back. I'll turn it over tomorrow and do the front. That should give it more stability.

I did some test pieces, first, just to make sure the materials were compatible.

I've two paintings up on the studio wall, almost done. And I have a print job running, but it doesn't need me to babysit. This was another "art emergency" where a designer "forgot" to order art for 40 hotel rooms. I did three other pieces for the same rooms about a month ago. Got the purchase order today, will deliver on Monday. That's a fast turnaround!

It's late, and I just washed the resin out of my hair (when will I ever learn to tie it back??). Got to get up early again tomorrow, it's Susan G Komen Race for the Cure day, and my friend Janet and I are walking the 5k. It's beautiful weather, a great day to get out and do something physical with 26,000 other women. Girl Power!

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