Monday, October 22, 2007

Fresh Air

I've been cooped up in my studio for so many months that it was great to get out and breath some cool morning air with 26,000 of my closest friends. Race for the Cure has become a giant commercial venture. I'm wondering how much money actually gets donated. It was like a county fair with booths and hawkers. I didn't put my name on any mailing list. And I discovered I probably need to buy one size bigger shoes. yowch

On Sunday I took another day off (between coats of varnish) and went to the Edom Art Festival in East Texas. I was there years ago, but haven't given it much thought since. Then my artist friend Cheryl McClure recommended it and off I went.

Now it's Monday already. I've got one coat of resin on the back of the carving, and four layers of varnish on the front. I had intended to put resin on both sides, but then it occurred to me that the resin would level out and fill in the carving details. Glad I though of that before I did it!

So it's off to the mold makers today. Yiikes! This is the scary part for me. The carving will be destroyed by the mold making process. I just hope they get a good mold.


CMC said...

Hey..........I didn't see you there. And I ran into about 5 people from home. Did you find anything? I was good and just looked but had a nice day out.

MMComstock said...

Foots and noses, Robin--they just keep growing our whole lives through....
: )