Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Magnetic Dust

carved foam, 36" x 36" x 1"

It's not really magnetic, but it must have some sort of static cling to it. Carving this foam (Last-A-Foam) is the messiest thing I've ever ever done. Even more than sandblasting! I made the mistake of going from the studio to plopping down in a living room chair. Foam dust went with me, loosed itself from my clothes and attached to the chair. And the remote control, and the pillow, and the carpet, and my coffee cup. I got undressed in my studio last night, and bagged the clothes. Even with shop vac-ing every ten minutes, it's a huge mess. But as you can see above, I've made good progress. The design is an abstracted mesquite tree, which is native to central Texas. This is the original from which mold will be made and then cast in resin.

Also completed one of the metal boxes. The photos are printed on metal and adhered to a cradled wood panel (box). I've surrounded the image with aluminum tape which has been imprinted in a design. Can't really see that part on the photo. Also antiqued it a little with black ink, then scrubbed it with steel wool. I'm really happy with how this turned out. I have three more to do. These are for Texas Clinic.


Karen Jacobs said...

Good thing you keep a blog on all these projects... how else would would you:
1) Keep track
2) Explain all that you do
3) Challenge us to keep up!

Never mind #3... I yield. Next!

Martha Marshall said...

Me too on #3, KJ - I'm left in the dust (ahem! no pun intended, Robin!)