Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beyond Forgetting

So I had the installation for my first ever one-woman show yesterday. Since I'm not an artist who shows work regularly I made a list of everything I had to do to prepare. All the work was done in advance. The framing was planned and completed early. One of the last things I remembered to do was create a price list, which I did late the night before.

Yesterday, right on time, I picked up the paintings from the framer, and they loaded my car. It was full! About halfway through the three hour drive, I thought about the camera. Didn't bring one. Not only did I not forget it, I didn't even think about it.

Here's the link for the show, although there's no pictures.

So you'll have to rely on me to tell you that the show looks great. Very colorful. To my eye at least, it also looks like at least three artists are showing, because of the range of work on the walls. The gallery director asked me to bring an assortment, so I sure did. The only thing that holds it all together is color. The art got lots of attention, that's for sure! She wasn't kidding about the number of people who walk through this area.

This morning I'm back at work, creating digital mockups for the next project.


Mary Richmond said...

Congratulations! It's always affirming to see your art up in a formal way I think. I take it this is work that was not done on commission? You have boundless energy, girlfriend!!!

Annette Bush said...

I canNOT believe you forgot your camera! That's too funny. You must really have been nervous about getting it right!

Art in hospitals is really great for folks who are waiting it out with patients. One painting can be a little much needed oasis and I'm sure yours will be perfect.

Walker said...

yea - no camera, can you believe it?? At least I can take pictures of the installation before I take it down though. Silly me.