Friday, August 03, 2007

Seventies Style

"Psychedelic", 60"w x 30"h, gallery wrap canvas

Amazingly this painting will be installed in a hotel in Puerto Rico. With all the fabulous art they had to choose from, including paintings from my friend PR artist Monica Laird, this is what they chose. If I could ever figure out what designers want to buy, that's all I'd paint. As it is, I'm constantly guessing, which keeps me creative.

Now that this painting is out of the studio, it's back to designing for Texas Clinic. I submitted a partial proposal last week, and that's all been approved, so now it's time to actually design the major paintings. One is a large grid painting, 90w x 50h, and will be primarily local elements, with a focus on Texas, naturally.

Inspiration of the Day: Patterns

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