Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Painting I Forgot

When I was a young girl I painted a gold fish on the clawfoot bathtub at the farm. Some years later (1978 to be exact) I was horrified at the crude childlike painting and produced the masterpiece you see above. It matches the wallpaper, and all of it looks just like it did in the seventies. Scary!

Today I am having a psychedelic experience, working on this commissioned painting:

It's 30 x 60 on canvas, but I'm also painting the three inch border. I did the drawing first, then ran the canvas through the printer at the right size. That saved a lot of time drawing, erasing and drawing again. I painted the white part first, thinking I could use one coat of the chocolate brown and be done. ha! Not so easy. After the brown was dry (two coats) I wasn't happy with the shade of white, now I am repainting that and trying to keep clean edges. It's a struggle.


Anonymous said...

The more I look at that bath tub the more I think you're on to something! It's cool and never been done before...JW

Walker said...

ha! think there's any money in painting old bathtubs??

Annette Bush said...

Hey Robin
My friend Sara painted green frogs on her tub. I painted trailing ivy vines on my daughter's. Neither of us made any money either!

Love your fish and it's related motif on the painting!

Martha Marshall said...

That bathroom looks like cutting edge style, seein' as how everything old becomes new again!

Love the big painting!

Walker said...

Annette - Why am I not surprised that you painted your tub, too? R

Annette Bush said...

HeHe, you should see my "Free Kittens" signs. What an artist! I'll paint on anything!