Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Claiming My Share

Texas Bluebonnet, print size 23.5 x 39.5

I've been listening to The Secret, and am still surprised at how easily negative thoughts can erase a good mood. But I am persevering, and claiming my share of the abundance of the universe. I know that sounds all "woowoo", but hey, whatever works, right? I once read a mathematical computation that concluded there was plenty of money in the world for every person to have much more than they need. I think of that every time I have a moment of worry about paying the mortgage (for example). At least when my flat screen Samsung went out this week I still had two weeks left on the warranty!

I've got another big job headed my way this week, a purchase order for almost a thousand photographic prints. One of them is a big bluebonnet that I shot just this year during the bountiful wildflower season nurtured by heavy Spring rains. This will be a great opportunity to use both big printers at once. Smokin'!

I've got another painting almost finished for Texas Clinic, photos tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

that picture is very nice

and all "the secret" stuff is right on, I really believe in it and all those other books out there by them.