Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Day of Organizing

Jeez! I don't know when I'll come to the end of the organization blitz. And I really can't imagine what a totally organized space would be like to work in. Probably fabulous!

I'm starting on my massive photo inventory now.

I have also gone round and round with my new computer. I had some Adobe issues that hopefully are resolved by now and I can load everything back up and get back to business. At least it worked okay for me yesterday when I did that digital mockup for Texas Clinic. Bottom line, Adobe owes me a refund for the Photoshop CS3 upgrade I bought. Although they don't tell you anywhere on the website you can't upgrade from Creative Suite 2.

I know I said this when I first started upgrading my equipment. Once you start, you have to buy new everything. I'm glad it's not like that in my studio. I am using really old brushes and none of my paintings care!

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