Sunday, July 01, 2007

Extra Day of Rest

"Barely Constructed" abstract painting on paper, 20
sq, one of two

My planning fell a little short. After placing an order for paper and ink on Friday, Saturday I started printing. I only got 64 images printed before running out of magenta ink. I searched all over Dallas. I found a lot of sources, none of which is open on Sunday.

So I shut down my computer and went to the movie! I was thoroughly entertained by Bruce Willis, who can't be killed. This was a movie to suspend belief, and just enjoy the high tech smashing cars and explosions. Really took me away, that's for sure.

Now I have a meatloaf in the oven, and I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to start the printer up again. I really don't mind that much.

The painting above is one of two that I finished last week, in the midst of all that chaos. I left them on consignment with my gallery.


garyb50 said...

Proof positive that life is unfair - Bruce Willis cannot be killed.

paula said...

VERY interesting. Hope to see more of this. It's almost like a petroglyph. COOL.

Mary Richmond said...

your art and your energy level are equally! i've been feeling discouraged myself but am finally feeling like getting back to work and catching up on your blog this morning is just what I needed!

Martha Marshall said...

Like that new piece, Robin!

Anonymous said...

have been enjoying your have an easy way and the variety of your work is amazing.Hope to start my own blog this fall here in Santa Cruz CA

Steven LaRose said...

Sorry for being late on the post here but, of course, I like this one. Can you imagine a small group show? Nudge nudge. Did you move the paper to make the marks, or move the tool? I wouldn't mind seeing a raking angle shot of this one, just to get a feel for the texture.