Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rest for the Weary

With such a stressful week behind me, I'm taking down time this morning, doing a few household chores while I drink coffee and settled back in bed with my mystery novel.

Yesterday I remembered my mantra, and chanted it repeatedly. Which either called the energy of the universe to my assistance or kept my mind occupied so that I could work. Either way, it paid off.

I was so worried about completing Mercury Grill (I missed my deadline earlier in the week), but they came together so well, better than the originals I think. I was happy with them. And my client was thrilled - and that's what counts.

And since I was on a roll, and still had some time before I had to deliver the lot, I finished the leaf paintings which you see above. The background is just blends of color, with a metallic wash. The leaves are very stylized, and you can see how I accomplished this. I stencilled. Just put some tape down, drew the leaves, then cut the stencils. The stems are tiny, so I taped two razor blades together with a spacers, and cut them at once. I don't think I could have gotten a good line otherwise. That's one of those transferable skills that I learned from cutting stencils when I etched glass in the mid 80s.

I painted in the leaves and stems, carefully removed all the tape, and voila! I waited another hour, then packed my week's work up in the SUV and headed off to the gallery, where I was warmly greeted, and presented with a big check! Now that's incentive.

I thought I was done, then remember the other two purchase orders I received this week involved printing. So I guess I'll be firing up the printer instead of the BBQ grill this morning. I have 400 hundred photos to print! Big ones, 22 x 22, for two different hotels, one in Alabama, the other in California.

Think I'll have another cup of coffee first.


Karen Jacobs said...

Whew! We're not finished yet? Girl, I'm exhausted! Where's the Bama hotel?

Walker said...

Mobile! But I don't know which one.