Friday, June 01, 2007

Pre-Travel Day

The day before a trip I get all anxious. This trip is taking me to the Oregon coast. It will be wet, cold, windy and maybe foggy. It's a photography workshop where we'll be out shooting in the wild at daybreak, and back out at sunset through dark. So deciding what clothes to pack is a real challenge. With current weight restrictions on luggage, and hauling ALL my camera equipment I might not have room for many clothes at all. Well, there are stores there if I really need another layer.

I have dumped all the photos from my last trip off my laptop (finally), so I have hard drive space for the next ones.

Today I will deliver a 40 x40 commissioned painting, and two photos to one client, and a beautiful landscape photo (above) to another. The river photo is going in a bank.

Yesterday I submitted preliminary placement for the artwork for Texas Clinic. This is a project I have been working on for awhile. The construction manager brought me on board, and I've been involved since before the ground breaking. Soon I will be able to walk the building and verify placement and sizes of the paintings. At this point there are 12 paintings and 4 photographs. Two of the paintings are quite large, 60" x 90" grid paintings. Since this is a healthcare project the imagery is very important. I will present my own ideas first, then take comments from the building owner (and others) to come up with something that pleases everyone, no small feat. I'm really enjoying seeing it all come together.

Inspiration of the Day: deadlines

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