Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Printing on Metal

I had a request from a client to produce photographs printed on metal. Since I love a challenge, I did a little research (very little actually) and produced what you see above.

It's a photo I took in Budapest. It's been enhanced to make it more visible on the galvanized surface. Next time I won't use galvanized metal, but it's what I had in the garage. Cut it (poorly) with some tin snips, sanded it, coated it with a chemical to allow it to accept ink, then ran it through my Epson 9600. Amazing! It worked! Next I'll spray it with several coats of Golden UV varnish, and maybe even brush on a few coats of Golden's mineral spirits-based varnish just to be sure the surface is completely sealed.

Who knows where I'll go from here!


Anonymous said...

What was the chemical?!

shelly said...

what type of chemical did you use?

Walker said...

It's a solution developed to coat surfaces to accept ink from an inkjet printer. It's likely the surface coating on photo paper. Comes in white or clear. On this project I used clear.

Martha Marshall said...

Wow, Robin -- that opens up a world of creative possibilities! What fun.

I have seen photos printed on a metallic substrate at the local service bureau. But I haven't investigated what they were using. Of course theirs is meant to be glossy, so it will create a sheen underneath the ink. This is totally different and just elegant.