Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Manifestation

I've mentioned this occurrence so many times it shouldn't continue to surprise me, but here I am, surprised.

I've just spent 10 days photographing the most beautiful seascapes and waterfalls in Oregon. Today in a business meeting about the Texas Clinic project, a fabulously contemporary space, the owner confided to me that his original idea for the building was to call it "Cascades" and use a waterfall theme. Perfect for me, since when we walked the space this morning he added at least 20 more images, which he would like to be photography. He mentioned the waterfalls in Oregon, and in the ten minutes I've been back from the meeting I've already sent him a photograph I took just days ago.

So is this a form of manifestation? I haven't read "The Secret", but I'm pretty sure I'm living it.

My studio is full of projects! Before I get paint on me I'm going to sit here and do some digital mockups for the Ritz-Carlton. I want to be sure to wow them the first time.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! It is so amazing!!! I love it!
You always take the prettiest pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love, let me repeat, LOVE the photo's. I'm reading "The Secret" now and you would be my living proof that it works. I'm working towards The Secret myself!

Steven LaRose said...

You didn't drive through Ashland, did you? A "hello" would have been nice, a studio visit even better, but shit, I could use a little of the Secret sloughing on my plate.

nice pix

Did you make it to Crater Lake?

paula said...

incredible photography!!! its great to read how things can just 'happen', gives me hope.