Thursday, June 14, 2007

Equipment Malfunction

With only one day left in the Oregon trip I was standing in a creek with water rushing all around me, and I got an error message on my camera. A call to my camera store in Dallas told me it was something that I couldn't fix. Since Nancy and I have similar equipment we shared that one last day. The bad part is that I've just come from the repair store, and my D2X has been sent back to Nikon for repair. I have separation anxiety! And if that weren't enough, the flash on my Canon point and shoot quit working and it's been sent off too. Ouch!

In the good news department, I've just previewed the model room at the Dallas Ritz Carlton, and will spend the rest of today doing mockups for the additional piece they want to add to the room. Whoopee! It's a gorgeous place (of course) and very luxurious.

And after a long meeting, I have a list of new commissions to get started on, and several things to quote, so it's a good thing I came home when I did.


CMC said...

Oh my, do I know that feeling when the error message comes up. Remember my time in France...first day. I was so relieved that it was only the card and a new one set it right.

Congrats on the Ritz commission.

Walker said...

yea, you were lucky that time! Thanks for the congrats - I'm feeling lucky for sure!

Cyndy Goldman said...

Came to visit this morning waiting for my wax to melt! Sorry to hear about your camera. congrats on your Ritz Carlton! mmmmm luxurious!!! hope to see what you do. I checked out your studio tour and what a gorgeous setup! I'll be blogging again soon as I finish up works in Encaustics and will post those black & white Acrylic abstracts now that they're done and really changed a lot! You've inspired me to start re-organize my tiny studio!!! Love your work! Especially the photography & encaustics!

Walker said...

Hi Cyndy - Don't be fooled by my "neat" studio - that's the only time it's ever looked that way! Looking forward to seeing your black and white encaustics. R

Cyndy Goldman said...

oh! what a relief! if you saw my studio today - well, let's just call it studio del mucho chaos! more to share soon! C