Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Approval

Everyone loves the white boxes. I wish I could predict in advance what people will love. I would paint less and travel more.

Except for this year, when my work schedule has taken over my travel schedule. I can't believe I have turned down housesitting requests in Boston, France, Santa Fe, Berkeley and Mendocino.

If it doesn't stop raining in Dallas my schedule is stretched out even longer. I am literally watching paint dry, at a very slow pace. My flowerbeds are moldy, the constant rain has knocked the flowers flat and stripped leaves off the maple. When thunderstorms break out (daily!), I can't take the risk and have to turn off my office. That means my computer and printers. Work stops.

I have projects double hung on my studio wall, drying slowly. Three pieces have a crackle finish, and I can't use the fan to speed it up.

On the other hand I finished the first of three additional paintings for Mercury Grill, and it was approved by the restaurant owner this morning, so I can start the other two. This has been a really fun project.

I have delivered the proposal packets for Texas Clinic, now I'm waiting - uncomfortably! The thunder and lightning aren't helping things!

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Anonymous said...

damn, I'll pick up the housesitting, those are all great places to be.