Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keeping Timelines

I am in the middle of so many projects I keep forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing. That can't be productive!

The photo above shows, on my wall, bottom layer, three canvas panels which are a triptych I haven't finished. Hanging in front of that (with the white border) is one of 10 photographs that I have printed for the Ft. Worth hotel job. The other nine are hanging in the bathroom. To the right of that is the 30" sq painting that's one of the new ones for Mercury Grill. In the foreground is a giclee of a previous painting that goes with another set of photographs not yet printed for the Intercontinental hotel here in Dallas. What's already put away are the photo paintings. Finished them around noon today.

Then I took a break (but left the printer running) and went to the dentist. On my way home I dropped off a copy of the pricing proposal at the job site for Texas Clinic. whew!

The best part of the day so far has been faxing invoices. Now if it will just quit raining!

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