Monday, May 21, 2007

Published Again

Sunrise on Hawley Lake

Twice in a week I've had my work published as illustrations for books. Last week it was a painting for the catalog of University of Massachusetts Press, this week a photograph is used for one of the chapter headings in the highly entertaining and insightful new book from Scott Berkun, "Myths of Innovation" (available at Amazon). Both times they found me on the internet. Amazing!

The image above is neither one of those, but one that I took in Arizona in the White Mountains. A client has a need for Arizona photography so I'm looking through my inventory and came across this idyllic image.

I'm working on my newest grid painting today. It's based on travel, and the first square is Niagara Falls. Fun!

Went to the gym this morning, trying to work out some of the soreness in my back from all that purging I've been doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks again for the awesome photo! Hope you like the book :)

garyb50 said...

That is one sweet shot. I'd like to see a bigger version.

Walker said...

Thank you Gary - it means a lot coming from you!

Martha Marshall said...

Congratulations, Robin! That is so cool.

I've always loved this picture. It is totally amazing.

Walker said...

You're right Martha, you have seen this one before, only this is the new and improved version!