Monday, April 16, 2007

Repeat Again

I painted the 20 Spa paintings today. Again. Yes, they were both approved and rejected last week. I can't stand for a client not to be happy, so I picked them all up, met with the designer myself, got specific input from her, came back to the studio, painted two of them, and took those and one of the originals for comparison, back up to her office this afternoon, and she's finally happy. For right now. She did thank me profusely for going "above and beyond" to which I replied "your welcome".

I've finished them all, and varnished. Waiting for them to dry to so I can pack them back up again, and I'll take them to the gallery tomorrow.

All of this could have been avoided with the right words in the beginning of the project. It's difficult to put art into words, but in this case the one pivotal word was "contrast". They wanted little contrast between the symbol and the background.

This is what the installation might look like. Each one will be framed in a "floater" frame, natural maple finish.

The above "R" image is the "before". It's actually the first one. After this stage, I wet sanded the letter to show more of the background and make it look worn. That one was approved at one point last week before the whole lot was rejected. Now I have gone over each one with the backround color and pushed it further back. Very subtle difference really.

About the background color, I mixed up a batch of this color to match a swatch that they provided. When I was done with the project (ha ha) I threw it away, but luckily I forgot to take the trash out that day, and was able to resurrect it from the trash can. I peeled back the dried up part and had enough to make all these corrections. Whew! Otherwise I might have had to repaint from scratch. Good lesson there for me.

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