Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long Process

Since my skills were not up to the task of creating a large digital painting, I sent the source materials off to my good friend and genius photographer, Gary Becker. He assures me that he can create something marvelous.

So I am back to production - with a series of photo paintings. I've done so many of these that it's almost relaxing to go through the process. I was taping the second stage of some of them this morning, thinking about how many steps I go through to create these.

1. print template on paper
2. tape first sections to be textured
3. apply texture paste, let dry
4. paint and let dry
5. paint and let dry
6. paint and let dry
7. paint and let dry (yes, four layers of paint on each one!)
8. untape
9. tape sections for inkjet coating
10. paint and let dry
11. print photo
12. untape
13. tape stripe and paint
14. untape and clean up edges

I use a lot of tape!

Inspiration for the day: process


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I was wondering why you paint and then print. If you print the template then why don't you print the image too?
Also, can you tell me what inkjet coating is? Is it a liquid? Thanks for sharing!

Walker said...

Sherry - I have developed this process through many many paintings, and this is the one that works best. I can't print the photo the same time I print the template, because watercolor paper does not accept the ink, so the paper has to be treated first. The photo is the most delicate part of the painting, so it gets printed last. If you want more info on this process, contact me at artgirls@airmail.net.Thanks! Robin