Sunday, March 18, 2007

Taking Workshops

Unless I know the people who are giving a workshop I'm always taking a chance when I book one. I've taken a few that I walked out of because I already knew more than the instructors. This time I've been really lucky, and I'm in a weekend photography experience that's exactly at my level. The instructors are both knowledgeable and personable, making two full days of sitting in a straight chair tolerable, if not pleasant.

The first full day concentrated on Photoshop techniques. Today is more about camera techniques, with the focus on creativity and emotional content. I am both inspired to produce better photos and embarrassed by the bad ones I've already taken. I'll be heading home tonight, and back in the studio tomorrow.

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Mary Richmond said...

There are so many people giving workshops these days that it's sometimes hard to know ahead whether it will be really useful to us. Sometimes I feel I know more than the instructor about certain things but then I concentrate on my fellow students and usually learn other things that are much more valuable than what the instructor thinks they're teaching...I always look at a workshop as a chance to be inspired, to share, to enjoy some time away from the daily tasks...Glad you had a good workshop this time!