Thursday, March 29, 2007

Design Challenge

Mercury 2, 18" x 66"
The Mercury Grill project is making me crazy! I am an admitted overachieving perfectionist. I have a commission for 12 paintings all going in the same room in the restaurant. My mockup was approved so I can't venture too far from that. So the Challenge is to design the paintings so that they are different enough to be interesting without straying too far from the mockup. aaaaack!

I'm half way there. Maybe. I've done two center panels and four complimentary side panels.

My client called yesterday and asked the status of the 20 blue paintings, and I just had to laugh. I can't think about them when I am obsessed with this.

And I got another order via email from my rep on the West coast for 24 photo paintings. At least there's not much thinking that goes into those paintings, I already "know" them.

All this painting makes me wonder why I am taking a painting workshop April 19 - 29 in Mendocino. Well, partly because it's with my best friend Nancy, and it is Mendocino, after all.


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Wow!You just never cease to amaze me. You're my idol. ;-)

Walker said...

aw heck Joanie - don't say that! That's just something more for me to live up to. You amaze me, too!

Annette Bush said...

I can see the buzz of conversation in the Mercury Grill in these pieces. Quite exciting stuff here.

Walker said...

From you that's a huge compliment, thank you Annette! Robin

Mary Richmond said...

a fun series--and taking a workshop will give you a little breather!