Friday, March 30, 2007

Past the Tipping Point

Mercury 3, 18" x 66"
This is the third in the series (of the largest paintings). Happily, things are moving along much smoother now. The first one of anything is always the hardest, but I always forget when I am in that state of a project.
Mercury 3 detail

This detail shot shows the texture of the three gesso layers, then the inscribed lines, and the lines created by the oil pastels.

Yesterday was much more relaxed. I used my mantra, had my studio cleaned (uncluttered), and got a massage. I have finished companions to these three pieces, so that's nine total completed. Only three to go, which means I WILL make my deadline on Monday.

Thank you to everyone who has responded positively about this series, I appreciate the support.

My schedule is rapidly filling. April is over for me for all practical purposes. I have painting deadlines, and a workshop in California. Have nothing in May so maybe that would be a good time to drive down to the south Texas coast, do a little lying on the beach and visit my dad. I wanted to go in April for his 92nd birthday, but things got away from me.

June I'll be going to Oregon for a photography workshop. July is a family trip to Pennsylvania where we will spread my sister's ashes. I'm combining that with the great tourist attraction of all time, Niagara Falls.

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garyb50 said...

I like the detail shot & I like this series.