Saturday, February 17, 2007

Take a Hike

Tomales Bay State Park

Dallas is not conducive to long lovely hikes -- but since I am in California, I have taken advantage of blue skies, cool temps, and bucolic scenery. On Thursday I met up with friends to spend the day in the city (San Fran). Although it was an urban setting, downtown has it's charms. Lots of ornate architecture.

Yesterday I did the opposite and drove to the coast. Point Reyes Seashore to be exact. It's only about 20 miles from where I am staying, but once you are there the vast open spaces and rocky shoreline make you forget about anything manmade.

The day I arrived I bought a guidebook for Marin county. With that, I planned my excusion to the beach. I hiked for miles and miles and miles, carrying my camera, backpack with additional lenses, and tripod. Not exactly ideal for climbing over jagged rocks, but I'm glad I had it all with me, the photos are fantastic! And I am achy today, not used to such physical exertion. That's not going to stop me today, though.

I'm having lunch with friends before heading up to Mount Tamalpais, where we are hiking this afternoon. Whew! I need to go to the gym when I get home!

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MMComstock said...

Oho, Robin! So it's you who chased away the gray rain and freezing temps, and brought the sunshine! No surprise, that.

What a spirit, what great excursions. Marin is gorgeous, and many extras. Should you get out Stinson Beach way, you might enjoy Claudia Chapline's gallery at 3445 Shoreline Highway. Claudia's a great person, found artist, and painter.

Best town in Marin is Fairfax--mebbe not much to see there--but good hippies. ; ) (Great place to live.)

Keep having fun!