Friday, February 23, 2007

Paintings in Progress

The artistic process is complicated. If I understood more about it maybe my paintings would be ...hmmmm... what? Better composed? Better color? More successful? I have no idea.

But there I was with eight canvases prepped on the wall, and without thinking at all I started painting. You see the results above. I chose the colors based on the paints that were sitting out on my worktable. Path of least resistance, wouldn't you say?

Afternoon update: The paintings above are almost finished. I have even shown them already at this afternoons meeting with Henry Brilliant. Just when I thought I had all the artwork placed for that project, I meet the building owner. He has different ideas than Henry and me, and I get to make some changes to accomodate his opinions. I dont mind that at all, I always like everyone on the the project to be happy with the art selections. We;ve got ten pieces so far, all on gallery wrapped canvas. One is a big eight foot long grid painting.


Karen Jacobs said...

That's as good a path as any. How do you paint on the lower ones? Do you flip the board? KJ

andrea said...

This is definitely one way to create a feeling of continuity amongst your paintings! Nice start -- I hope the changes aren't too restrictive. More photos of the outcome, please. Love the one in the post below.