Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Working on White

As if I didn't have enough inspiration on this subject, Mother Nature has visted Dallas again and everything outside is, well, white. The painting above is one of two experimental white paintings. Not finished, but a really good start. What you can't see in the photo is the translucent surface. It's similar to an encaustic look, but created with poured matte medium. Because of the cold weather and thick paint, these paintings are not drying.

I have other things to do in the studio, so I had to move a heater in there. Too cold!

I'm finishing up another set of photo paintings, and will start on images for Harrahs as soon as I get a go ahead from the designer.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see this close up so I could see the texture, etc. I'm sorry about your sister...that must be awfully hard. Like you, I find working with my art helps me feel with my helps to focus our energies into creating, I think. I made a whole exhibits worth of paintings in the last months of my mom's last illness. It wasn't until after she died and I hung the exhibit (2 weeks later!) that I realized the paintings were all about her illness, her death and her crossing over to another reality....strong stuff. It's interesting you've chosen to work with white...I hope you find healing with it..

Joyce said...

Thanks for a wonderful peek into your white series.

Deanna said...

I love the white painting - I would also love to see it up close!

Annette Bush said...

I looked at it yesterday. I came back today to see if I felt the same. It is finished. I don't know what else you will do with this series, but I love this one.

garyb50 said...

testing testing

pink pink

testing testing

Martha Marshall said...

Robin I love both this one and the other white one you showed next. For some reason I'm not getting notified of all your posts (using Blogarithm.) Now I need to go back and catch up on a couple more!