Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Winding Down

I painted these little grid paintings (12" x 12") in an exploration of blue (which I have been enamored with lately) and in rebellion to the huge (6' x 12') grid paintings I have done this year.

It's end-of-the-year for me. I have three more paintings (one on canvas, two on paper) to complete before driving out of town in a packed up car (my new all wheel drive Subaru Tribeca) heading back to Santa Fe for the holidays. When I get home a new year will be well on its way.

Yesterday I looked over my (sketchy) bookkeeping system and billed some things that had sold but not been paid for yet. My client is sending me emails of things to invoice (yay!). I always have some end of year royalties to collect, so that's good. Free money!

I have always looked at Santa Fe as an art capital, as a place to see what's out there in the art world. I'll be looking at it differently this time, having been to the REAL mecca at Art Basel. I'll report in to my gallery-owner friends who weren't able to attend, and share the 6 pound Basel catalog.

I had an opportunity to stay the whole month in Santa Fe, housesitting for two different friends, but I've been traveling so much lately I couldn't decide what to do. The decision was made for me when a client asked for quotes on a project due the end of January. I can paint in Santa Fe, so I still thought I could make it happen, until I noticed that the paintings are very large -- two of them are 64" x 88". There's no way I can paint them anywhere but in my own studio in Dallas. So I'll cherish each moment of the two weeks I get to stay, then hurry home to paint like crazy (there are 12 paintings total) until the end of January. And I'm grateful to the universe for providing for me so well.

I've been blessed in many ways this year. My sister's illness has drawn me closer to my family, although it's been a source of anguish for us all. I have traveled extensively, photographed special places all over the world, had huge creative surges, and painted like a madwoman. In between I've taken time to thank each moment of abundance.

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