Sunday, December 17, 2006

Second Guessing

I am working on a commission of three paintings that I received before my trip to Art Basel. These are easy paintings for me (normally), yet I keep second guessing myself. I have layered "final" varnish three times now. I can't tell if I am more critical of my work now that I've been avalanched in Miami, or if the painting really needs all this nitpicking.

On the other hand, with many layers of varnish between swathes of paint, it's a nice look.


Karen Jacobs said...

Ha! I'm in the same fix! There's more medium (in one form or another) than paint (and I layer a LOT of paint!) Maybe it's winter dryness, not having the humidity I'm used to, thats making it dry too fast and leave brush and knife marks that bother me. It's supposed to sort of melt into the surface, not sit on top. Good luck to both of us. I'm delivering it tomorrow and no time for more trials. KJ

Steven LaRose said...

How come your images are so small?
I guess it did compell me to click on this painting. The thing that really struck me was your signature (because I didn't see it in the original post). It is perfectly balanced and essential to the composition. Did people in Miami sign their work on the front?

I dig this painting.

Walker said...

thanks Steven
I keep the images small because they take up less space! and if anyone wants to see it bigger, it's clickable.
Yep - signatures on the front of paintings are common - in Miami and everywhere I know of.

CMC said...

Just now getting around to checking a couple of blogs. Stephen mentions the signature. I thought the same seems to balance the rest of the painting to me as it is very heavy on the left and needs the tiny addition of something on the right. Not to be perfect balance but wondering if a signature is what you had in mind to make the balance???

alanrkelchner said...

Stop it ! We're always our own worst critic. I know this is common knowledge, but listen to your art-sense, not the inner-critic. And I like this image very much.