Sunday, November 12, 2006

Making Concessions

I've had to edit my schedule to accomodate the excrutiating process of car-buying. I had taken the car home to "test drive". The next day I thought I would buy it if they would make a small price concession. They wouldn't, and I said I would be returning the car. I forgot that their goal was to get me back in the showroom at all costs. Then here comes the "manager" and we finally make a deal. I tell them to write it up, prepare the car, and call me when the papers are ready to sign. When I return to sign, no papers are ready and I walk out, in the new car. On the way home the AC starts acting up, and I call the dealership. It seems that in their frenzy of cleaning the car to get it off the lot, someone had sprayed cleaner in the digital controls, thereby shorting out the entire electronic control panel. They came and picked up the car.

Now that I've gotten this far in the horrible demeaning process, I am reluctant to walk away. But do I want a car that's just had a major repair? jeeeezzzz

In the good news department I have learned an important Photoshop technique that has allowed me to create the photographic images I am printing on the 8 ft long photo panels. The one above consists of 6 different photographs blended together to look like one. I didn't know how to do this, and that concerned me since I sold six of them! So, now I'm printing.

If all goes well, I can stretch the paintings tomorrow, paint the sides, and be done.

That just leaves the one painting I haven't completed, the one where I have to carve rubber stamps in the shape of fish and make a palm tree out of them. Sounds funny, but the mockup looked cool. This was another project I didn't actually know how to do - thank you to Bobbi Chukran for the hint. Looks like I may end up taking this last thing to Santa Fe with me.

If I have a vehicle to drive there!


Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

You're very welcome, Robin! Let me know if you have any questions when you start to do the carving. And fair warning, the carving can be very addictive!

bobbi c.

CMC said...

well............good thing you're here in TX where it was hot enough to run the AC in November. :>)

Walker said...

Cheryl - you're right! Must be thankful for those small things....