Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death by Committee

I hated to get the phone call yesterday, the one that killed my project in NY, the Cohen Cancer center. It seems that the designer has been working this project for a year and a half, with nothing but trouble. There's a committee of ten people who make design decisions, and instead of my fantastically creative approach to the lightbox installation, they went with large scale photographs printed on paper, sandwiched between two sheets of plexi. Very simple. In fact, that's standard in the sign industry today -- and you're likely to see that kind of installation in any airport corridor.

Ah well.

In other news, I got the new car. It's a Subaru Tribeca AWD. Very popular car in Santa Fe, you don't see many in Dallas. I really like it, and it's such a relief to have that whole process behind me at last. Now I'm packing it up to leave town this afternoon.

I did not finish my Toronto hotel project. The printing did not go as well as it started, and it took me all day to print six things. By midday I was totally panicked when the guy I hired to come stretch them backed out. I stretched one of the 8ft panels myself, then went to plan C and talked my framer into picking everything up. She agreed to stretch everything and paint the edges, and deliver it all back to me. Whew! That will seriously cut into my profit on this job, but at least I won't miss my deadline.

At 9:30pm last night I realized that I had not completed the last minute order for a local art consultant. I printed a 40" image on canvas, went through my inventory and pulled the two images she wanted, so I'm done with that, too. Glad to sell the old paintings, they weren't doing me any good sitting in a drawer. In fact, I really intended to throw them away. It's this sale that made me decide to leave for SF this afternoon and stay in a nice hotel in Amarillo tonight.

That just leaves the one palm tree painting, so I am packing my paints and taking it with me.

The people I am housesitting for leave tomorrow morning, so I won't even get to see them, but at least I'll arrive on the same day. I can not wait to smell that air and to sit in a chair outside under the seriously blue sky and just breathe.


Joyce said...

Whew! I'm glad we made it!!!

Karen Jacobs said...

Happy - and safe- trails with your new car, Robin. You deserve a rest and Santa Fe should do just fine. KJ

CMC said...

have a good and safe trip, Robin.........see ya.