Saturday, November 11, 2006


Could I have any more things going on in my life at one time??

First I have an early morning phone call every morning with my hospitalized sister, who is terminal.

Then I've been madly working on a series of paintings for a hotel in Toronto. I have finished the painting part of the six 8 ft canvases, now it's on to the printing. I don't know how to do these, so I'm really stressed out. I can't believe I sold something I didn't know how to do!

I delivered paintings for another big hotel job (in Chicago) on Thursday. I took a detour to go visit my artist friend Nita Leland who was in town doing a workshop for a local watercolor organization. After that I noticed my transmission was slipping. yikes! I drove directly to the dealership who told me the news we all hate to hear. My warranty expired in May, the transmission would be about $4000 to fix. Also, my AC is out, that would be at least another $1000. Instead of handing over my keys to start the work, I drove to the car lot and started looking at new cars. I sure wasn't planning on buying a car right now, but I did. Of course it took two days of haggling, time I should have been spending in the studio.

I had to buy a new laptop this week, and I've had to spend time removing the junk they load them up with and loading the software I need. I have to make sure it's configured right before I take it with me out of town.

So now I'm behind on several projects, and leaving town for 2 wks in Santa Fe in a few days. I actually called the people I am housesitting for and made arrangements to arrive two days later than I had planned.

I'm pouring my last coat of resin on the 36 x 48 box this morning. And I'll start printing about midday.

In the middle of all this I received a PO from Harrah's entertainment in Atlantic City via fax. I rarely use my fax machine, and really don't know how they got the number. This order came from someone I sent an email to a few years ago. She's designs retail space, and I just referred her to my website if she ever needed any artwork. Guess she needed some, because she asked for a quote, then six months later I get the PO. Cool!

Also got a last minute order from a local art consultant. Not sure I can do it, but I'll give it my best!

So with all this stress going on, I can't wait to go to Santa Fe, breathe in that cool clear air and do nothing.


Joyce said...

You are incredible, Robin. I get stressed out just reading what you have to do!

emily dg said...

I ditto the sentiments of Joyce!

Walker said...


MMComstock said...

Absolutely amazing you are, Robin! Fabulous.