Monday, October 09, 2006

Things That Get Accepted

There's a company I rarely work with that sent out a request for photography of specific imagery. I have never sold them photos before, and it was a fluke that I was on that email list. Whoever sent the email did not use the blind copy feature, so I was able to see the other 100 photographers on the list. I went through a number of interesting websites, all the while thinking I don't have a chance in hell for this project. But I worked up six images, just so the company could see my photography work. Imagine my surprise to get an urgent email today from the company, telling me that the hotel was interested in two pieces for room art, and I should get a PO today via email!

So for everyone that says "no", there's someone else to say "yes".

The images above are spec pieces in response to a client who keeps telling me "minimal! minimal!". That ought to be minimal enough. Pieces like this are not as easy to paint as you might think. Color relationships are very important, of course, but it's also not easy to paint a straight line that's not taped off.

Since I posted last Friday, the studio has been hopping. I quoted another big (huge) project that's on a fast track. So fast I might even hear today if it's a go.

Quoted an 8ft long painting of a Florida beach scene today - that will be a stretch for me if I get it!


Annette Bush said...

Seems like the other half of the accept/reject yin/yang is working well for you. Some exciting stuff going on in your studio!

Marion Boddy-Evans said...

When a friend asked me to create three Mark Rothko style paintings in "similar but different colors", I developed a new respect for his work and minimalism!! Good minimalism is deceptively simple.