Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Process of Design

I have no idea how other artists approach the design process, but I'll share a little of mine, using my current healthcare project, the Cohen Cancer center. I received all pertinent specs from the designer. This project is artwork displayed in lightboxes. The designer's first intention was to use closeup photography of nature subjects. She then thought that would appear too cold, and more like signs than artwork. She found me on the internet and liked my work, then called me. I received a packet of information about the project, with carpet and wallcovering samples, and details about the lightboxes.

Then my mind took off on it's own. I thought and thought and planned, all in my mind. Days passed. I got some samples of plexi and painted on them. Then I finally sat down at the computer and started doing mockups. At that point it all just flowed together.

The image above is a mockup for a 24' long wall of lightboxes. They are in 6 foot sections, butted up to each other. They will be further divided on either side of the photographic elements. Everything else is painted, on the front side of the plexi, and will be coated with a thin coat of resin to retain some texture in the surface. Since these are backlit, a lot of the color will come from transmitted light, which is the exciting element I get to work with.

There is one more 24' wall like this one, and one 10' wall. I have designed all of these, and sent a preliminary mockup to the designer who proclaimed "I love it!".

Underneath these lightboxes the designer has included mdf panels which correspond in size to each lightbox section. I am designing imagery for these, too, as an addition to the project. I don't know if they have the budget for them, but it doesn't hurt to give a client more than they ask for.

So that's what I'm working on while waiting for all those POs to arrive!


Anonymous said...

These are lovely! Perhaps you could provide a picture after they have been installed. It is interesting how you come by your creations.

emily dg said...

I agree...very beautiful.

Walker said...

thank you so much!

Martha Marshall said...

Pretty darn cool, Robin! Looks like a fun project. I too would love to see you posing beside the finished product.