Monday, September 18, 2006

Who's Buying Art

As the economy changes, certain segments expand, and others contract. The intense scrutiny of corporate America has slowed the purchases of paintings for offices. Healthcare is hot, however. I recently joined the Society of Arts in Healthcare as an artist member. I now receive emails from others in that field, and have discovered a whole new world of which original artwork is a vital part. I am well aware of the healing properties of art, based on our bodies reactions to color, shape and form. Now I am studying further, to increase my knowledge of this vital field.

I have two appointments this Monday morning, one with the designers for the hotel in California the abstracted beach scene painting was designed for. Since they didn't like the original painting, they want to develop just the one bottom corner of it, the people section. We're meeting to discuss what changes they want. The second appointment is with another design firm I painted samples for last week. This is for an abstract color field painting. Since the painting is so minimal, they are concerned with the texture of the piece. I did 8 small swatches, and they have picked one. Hope they understand that it will look different once it's painted full size (25x28).

Then I am working on new abstracts. Just playing at this point, but I have something in my mind I am trying to get out. Again, very minimal. We'll see.

Also working on several commissions. Palm trees for a Florida hotel, abstracts and mixed media pieces. Also designing some new abstracted horse images. Lots going on -- mostly in my head right now!


Joyce said...

It is wonderful to hear about all your projects, Robin. You certainly are an inspiration to other artists!

Walker said...

good! That's one of my goals in life - to inspire others. It's good to know that I'm succeeding in that.