Monday, September 25, 2006

Quickly Unable

Spam emails are easily identified. I just received one with the title from this post "Quickly Unable". There's something interesting about the combination of those two words.

I am fresh from a trip to south Texas to see my 91 year old father. I always approach these visits with the idea that this time will be different and he will be nice to me, and maybe even like something about me. It never fails, I am "quickly unable" to please him.

My goal was to have some new abstracts done yesterday, but I didn't have the heart for it, I kept reaching for black paint. So I put that project away.

This Monday morning I am preparing for my Wednesday meeting to present my ideas for artwork for Texas clinic. I am presenting to the new tenants of the building for their individual suites, so I will take an assortment of paintings, since I don't know what styles they prefer.

Also this morning I am painting palm trees again, a big 36 x 48. I bought a roll of oversized paper and start by gessoing, so it will lay flat. Getting into the rhythm of painting always soothes me. And this morning I could use some soothing.


herman said...

Dear Robin,
Keep being a nice person and don't let yourself be taken back. The old people take such a terrible toll on our patience.. If nothing else they give us a hint about how not to become when we get older.

Joyce said...

Robin, I learned that I couldn't please my mother in everything so I just concentrated on her good qualities and paid no mind to the others. I think I finally was able to suceed in this endeavour a few years before she died.

Isn't art a wonderful thing in that it can make us feel better?

CMC said...

Looks like you have almost the same problem with your dad that I have with my mom. I know it sounds terrible but I just decided many years ago that I had to keep my distance. It is a shame but sometimes necessary.
And my mom's doesn't come from being old........I decided this when I was twenty.

emily dg said...

Well, you know your dad has the hang ups, it is not you. Don't let unkindnesses get you down...the person that sticks it to others has the problem; all you can do is be at peace with your self. It's hard to find that peaceful balance, I struggle with this as well.