Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tunnel Vision

I have so many projects that everything else in my life is fading away. I am not keeping up with my email lists, my online friends, or returning phone calls. Maybe some of them are reading this and will forgive me.

I shipped off 12 paintings like the one above in the photo painting series. This one uses a photo I took of my next door neighbor's onions. I had no idea that onions would flower!

I am still printing. I vastly underestimated the amount of materials it would take to print 1,000 images. Luckily I found a local supplier that agreed to meet my competitive online pricing. Also - I didn't fully comprehend just how much time this would tie me up. The last image I printed was 24" x 23". I turned it sideways and printed it on 24" paper with a small border. It took 12 minutes to print one, and 46 hours to print 230. That's disregarding all the time to change the paper, realign, clean the inkheads, go to the store to get more ink and paper, and sleep. I tried to set the printer up to print during the night, but I can only print about 45 on one roll of paper, and it was always running out of something, either paper or ink.

I had a good idea today. If I am going to continue to do this much printing, I will set up my printer in another room, and run it off my laptop. That way it's not dragging down my whole system. Yuk, upgrading again.

When I delivered prints today I picked up the 12 boxes that make up the 30 ft. installation I am painting to be installed behind registration in a hotel in Atlanta. Delivered a sample color chart to the designer, who hasn't commissioned artwork before and is nervous (even though I've known her for years).

Also picked up an order for a 6 foot abstract canvas for a local Mexican restaurant. That will be fun - it will be very colorful. I did a mockup for it today.

On top of all that, I went a got a mammogram today (pinchy!) - first one I've had in years, way overdue. Back to printing!


Karen Jacobs said...

Just reading about your job description exhausts me! I know you have an extra dose of energy, but take care of yourself! Some of the drudge work is helper material, in house or out! But I'm assuming it's drudgery... maybe not.

Martha Marshall said...

You sound like you're reaching the point of needing to hire some extra hands -- a pretty tricky decision. You have to find the time to train them!

Annette Bush said...

A bulb is a bulb is a bulb! Wild onions and garlic also bloom. I think in the alium family. This spring, I moved my garlic near a window. I have been watching two six inch blooms bend and twirl on tall spindly stems in my rose bed. They say you won't get good garlic if you let it bloom. I've enjoyed mine this way. Will just buy some for cooking.