Thursday, June 15, 2006

Around the Bend

I feel as if I am making a little headway today. I have just set up the print run for the final set of prints. I will deliver this last batch on Monday, then invoice for it all. That will be the very best part of this experience.

I am looking into new workflow solutions, which may include a server, and a remote location for my printer. Right now it ties up my system too much with this long-term printing.

While I have the printer cranking I will drive over to Fort Worth and pick up three steer skulls for a project. Can't believe I agreed to this, but I will be decorating the skulls with jewels for a hotel!

I am still working on my Pbase gallery. Have added a new set of Spanish images, taken in Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, and Spain.

Will be setting up for a new canvas this afternoon. It's abstract, but brighter colors than we've seen in decor in recent years. In fact, lots of aqua has been showing up, and I'm happy to see a trend towards those colors. Maybe won't ever see the colors of the caladium (above), except in the garden.

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