Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tough Decisions

Most of my artistic energy in France was spent with my camera. I'm sure I have built up a big muscle in my forearm from repeatedly swinging that heavy thing up to my eye to check a composition and shoot. The results of all that is an inventory of new photos numbering in the thousands. Here back at home I am making tough decisions about what to keep and what I should delete (forever!). To a right-brained person who likes to keep everything, this process is numbing. It almost hurts.

The photo above was shot in a paper manufacturing facility in central France. It's an ancient place, and has been in existence for hundreds of years. The dress is made of paper. I think the photo is perfect - I like the lighting and the detail. I like the floor, the wall, the beams, the light, the shadows.

But how do I categorize a photo like that? I put it in "Architectural Elements".

It seems I have an unending task. While adding new photos I see others that I no longer care for, and hit the delete key. Who needs 36,000 photos of stuff anyway?

On the other hand I had a request for a detail shot of the back of an alligator, and I HAD one!


garyb50 said...

That is an awesome image. Otherworldly.

Martha Marshall said...

Beautiful photograph, Robin!