Friday, May 05, 2006

Personal Sanctuary

In the realm of commercial photography the top selling images are landscapes. The market for religious reference is small by comparison. Yet there's something about the echoing chamber of a cathedral that soothes me. It's not the modern church that lures me, it's the monuments of artistic hyperbole, those lavish gold-leafed walls studded with jewel-toned glass windows, the worn stone floors reflecting the shuffling of the feet of the faithful.

I take those tourist shots, I can't resist. And sometimes I'm lucky enough to catch a surreptitous shot like the one here.

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Annette Bush said...

Nice piece, Robin. It catches the same surreal quality of the dress at the paper mill.

I like feeling of the presence of the faithful in old places of worship as well, but truly, it's the legacy of the artists and architects which touches me more.