Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Paying Attention

In my introspection I forgot to look around me for the inspiration that is available in every moment. Watching Oprah's Legend Ball, I remembered how fortunate I am. I remembered the essence of gratitude that informs my very existence. It's so easy to forget! In those moments of watching Oprah honor the women who came before and prepared the path for all of us, I had my own personal list of those to whom I will be forever indebted.

And with one TV show I was yanked out of that self absorbed state of woe-is-me.

My studio is a mess again. I have delivered seven paintings in the last few days and all clients were happy. No reworking. Last night I had an idea, went in the studio and completed two paintings. Not exactly what I had in mind what I started, but they do echo the colors of the Mediterranean that influenced me. They are part of the "Storms" series started in the aftermath of Katrina.

This afternoon I will go pick up the four paintings approved for room art, and take them to be photographed and scanned for digital files.

Next project: Designing a series of ten paintings on wood boxes for a hotel registration area that spans more than 20 feet. My original layout and budget has been approved, so now I will design the actual artwork, and do a mockup.

Another inspiration for me: American Idol. And my vote is with Taylor, not because he has the best voice, but because he is authentic. When he sings his whole being is in the song. That's a critical component that's missing from diva Katherine. That's my reminder of the value of being yourself. Nothing else rings true.

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Martha Marshall said...


Hey I watched only the last two episodes of Idol, but I agree with you about the two finalists. Taylor is for real.