Monday, May 22, 2006


You probably didn't recognize the self portrait (above), but that's me, vaguely pink, soft around the edges, freefloating in a sea of blue. What's come over me?

I have work, I have ideas, I have a pool in my backyard - what more could a person want?

Not to dwell, I have been painting all weekend, for a hotel room art project in Illinois. Not only am I painting the originals, I am printing the..uh..prints, myself. Experience tells me it will take a long time, but I can be printing and painting at the same time, so it should all work out.

I am expecting another purchase order today, for images in the photo painting series.

And I've been planning my next trip with friend and fellow photographer Nancy. It's a road trip through Yellowstone and the Tetons over the 4th of July week. We're flying to Salt Lake City, getting in our rent car and driving somewhere new every day for six days. Yes, we'll be tired when it's over, but hopefully we will have spectacular images to show for it. Sometime good to look forward to!

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