Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Party Extraordinare

In 2002 when I was at an artist residency in Bulgaria they threw a party lasting 8 hours, from early afternoon to late night. It was the longest party I had ever attended, until now. We had an Easter party here at the compound that started at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was outside, at the sculpture studio, which had been drastically cleaned and decorated for the occasion. Garlands of wildflowers draped the tables, and food was abundant, as was wine! Chickens were rubbed down with dijon mustard and roasted on a grill over an open fire. That became the campfire after nightfall. The dark sky provided a dramatic backdrop for the fire jugglers and unicylist. A group of bongo drummers kept the beat lively. I wasn't the first to leave the party, but I certainly wasn't the last. It was a noisy night at La Forge. At 9:00 the next morning I opened our front door and discovered two bodies wrapped up in a sleeping bag in our hallway. Wandering over to the party headquarters and I discovered the diehards still munching chicken, drinking beer and stoking the fire. Late that evening after everyone had recovered, we gathered in one of the other houses here and shared leftovers for dinner. It was a nice time of camaraderie, and good to get to know some of the other artists who live in the area.

Inspiration for the day: fire baton twirlers

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